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Reading with your child can be very beneficial for you both. To learn why you should be engaging in shared reading time with your child, click on this post by The Tutoring Center, Lawrenceville GA.

How Reading With Your Child Can Benefit Them

For a child, reading can help them build their vocabulary, strengthen their grammar skills, learn more about the world around them, and communicate better. Not only that but if your child reads with you, they'll be able to reap even more benefits from it. To learn what the advantages of reading with your child are, refer to the post below.

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You Spend Time and Bond With Your Child

The relationship you have with your child is incredibly important. As you may be aware, how you and your child get along (especially during the early years) can actually dictate their behavior and heavily influence their ability to relate to other people. That's why it is imperative that you try to spend time with your child, bond with them, and create a strong, healthy relationship with them. Reading on a daily basis with them can be helpful in this respect since you'll be able to have some quality time together each day. Moreover, since reading is an enjoyable and enriching activity, you can bet you'll feel closer to your child (and them to you) after you've done it for a while.

You Encourage Them to Become an Avid Reader

As stated above, reading is an immensely beneficial activity to engage in (for people of any age, really). However, building a reading habit may not be the easiest thing to do. This is especially true if your child is younger and gets distracted easily or has a lot of energy. Reading with them every day can help make reading a part of their routine, and help them get used to it. Moreover, if they see you want to read and enjoy doing it, they'll likely feel more inclined to give it a try, too, since they mold their behavior on yours. Hopefully, they can carry out this habit for the rest of their lives.

They Develop Their Reading Comprehension Skills

Reading comprehension is a necessary skill that everyone should master. Getting there, however, may not be the easiest, since you need to dominate a few different areas (such as vocabulary, grammar, common references, and more) to fully understand the text that you're reading. It takes time to develop these skills. Reading with your child can help them work on this. This is because, as you're reading together, your child will be able to turn to you and ask you about something they didn't understand in the text (from what an unknown word means, to the plot points in the story, and more). This will also help them have a clearer grasp of the reading material, which will make their experience with it more enjoyable.

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You Can Ask Questions, Too

Of course, your child can reach out to you to ask questions and have you help them with reading comprehension. However, you should try turning the tables on them once in awhile. Asking questions to your child about the material you're going over (about the decisions the characters made, or about a detail that was previously stated), can also very beneficial to them since it will help them develop their critical thinking skills. Through questions, you can also ensure your child is paying attention, so they can increase their focus. These are all very helpful skills that they can employ as they get older.

You Share Your Opinions

Last but not least, through sharing your reading time with your child, you'll both get a more enjoyable and enriching reading experience. Of course, your child will benefit because they will be able to get a deeper understanding of what you're reading. Nonetheless, not only will you get a chance to share your own opinions and interpretations on the text, but you'll also get the opportunity to hear what your child has to say about the reading material. They can surprise you with their opinions and ideas, which will help you grow and learn about different perspectives.

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