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Just as there are things you should do to study effectively, there are things you shouldn't do. To learn what they are, read this post by The Tutoring Center, Lawrenceville GA.

What Not to Do When Studying

Now that the new school year has started, it is time for you to find study methods that will allow you to learn better and perform successfully in your academics. For that to happen, however, you should also know what practices to stay away from, since they can derail your efforts. To learn what you definitely shouldn't do if you want to have effective study sessions, continue reading.

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Focusing on Negative Thoughts

Have you ever started studying thinking that the subject is too challenging for you, that you're not as smart as your peers, or that you won't be able to learn effectively? If you have, know that thinking those negative thoughts actually sets you up for failure. This is because your brain and your thoughts have more influence on your performance than you may give them credit. This means that to study better, you need to have a more positive attitude towards it. Trust your capacity, your skills, and your ability to boost your confidence. Likewise, try new study methods that will help you truly understand your subjects so you can learn successfully.

Procrastinating Your Time Away

We've all done it: doing a million different things before focusing on getting to work on your duties. This is known as procrastination, and even though it's a common phenomenon, it can be a big obstacle in your road to studying effectively and doing well in school. Not only that but in some cases, procrastination and bad time management can be symptoms of an inadequate learning experience. To avoid procrastination, you can do a couple of things. For one, you can create and follow a schedule where you include, prioritize, and keep track of everything you have to do (academics, social events, and other similar activities). Then, you can put together a study environment that's conducive to focusing and learning; it should be free of distractions, fully equipped with the necessary supplies and comfy furniture, and well-lit so you don't strain your eyes.


If you get into your own head and start thinking that you won't be able to understand your school subjects, you may think that cheating is the answer to get your homework done and ace the test. However, when you don't practice on your own, you don't develop your skills and you don't reinforce your knowledge, meaning that you're cheated out of an opportunity to improve in your academics. If you're having a challenging time getting through your practice sheets to study, you can employ other techniques to move forward. For instance, you can search for examples online, go through your notes to be reminded of the lessons you learned, or ask your peers or teacher for some guidance.

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Cramming the Night Before

More often than not, you're let know that you're having a test weeks in advance. This means that you have more than enough time to study for your tests, without having to cram the night before. Nonetheless, cramming is one of the most common study methods students turn to, thinking that pulling an all-nighter and trying to memorize a whole bunch of information in a couple of hours is going to help them learn and do well. However, doing so can be a big mistake; not only will they forget what they learned quickly, but answering a test on little-to-no sleep is a recipe for disaster. Instead, study a little bit each day and try to truly understand your subjects, so you can learn effectively.

Not Adapting to Your Learning Style

Last but not least, you should adapt your study methods to how you learn. Everybody has a different learning style (from visual, to auditory, kinesthetic, and others), and not taking that into account in your study space can be counterproductive. For instance, if you learn kinesthetically, you should equip your study space with puzzles, and tools that will help you retain information successfully.

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