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A wide vocabulary can open a lot of doors regarding how you communicate with others. For tips on how to build your vocabulary, read this post by The Tutoring Center, Lawrenceville GA.

How to Build Your Vocabulary

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Make Reading a Habit

For starters, if you want to manage a wider vocabulary so you can express yourself more accurately, you will need to become a bookworm. This is because, to increase your word collection, you first need to come face to face with words you're not familiar with. And what better way to achieve that than to read material by skillful authors who master the English language and employ words beautifully? However, if your book count is low at the moment because you're not much of a reader, there are ways to help you change that gradually. For instance, it's a good idea to set a daily goal to read half an hour. Though it may not seem like much, little by little you'll get used to this routine, and you'll be able to increase your reading time without feeling overwhelmed. It's also recommended that you explore different types of reading material, so your vocabulary isn't limited to one area.

Use a Dictionary

What use is it to have a wide collection of words if you never employ them or don't know how to include them in your conversations correctly? Practically none! That's why, it is incredibly important that you have a dictionary by your side whenever you're reading or writing. Doing so will give you the opportunity to search for the meaning of any unknown word you may encounter. Moreover, it will help you learn more about a word in general (from its part of speech and pronunciation, to its synonyms and antonyms). In any case, remember that if you want your dictionary to be useful, you should make a real effort to understand a word's meaning. If, for example, a definition isn't clear because of unknown words within it, search for said unfamiliar words, so you can be sure of how and when to make use of them.

Write a Little Bit Each Day

A great way to ensure that your new vocabulary sticks is to put it to good use. To that end, it is highly suggested that you write a little bit each day. If you don't have a writing habit, you should start with journaling. Doing so has a lot of added benefits, aside from helping you with your vocabulary. For example, it'll help you express yourself, sort out your thoughts, practice your grammar and spelling skills, and work your imagination. If you're short of ideas, you can document your daily life in a notebook, or come up with a few short stories. Just remember to make it a point to employ your newly learned words in your writings.

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Engage in Conversations

If you enjoy talking to people, then this next tip will be perfect for you: to increase your vocabulary, you should engage in conversations. This is because, through them, you can kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand, you can listen to your interlocutor attentively and notice any words they may use that are unknown to you. Not only that, but you can learn how to employ said words right off the bat. On the other hand, as you speak to others, you can take the chance to make use of the new words in your vocabulary. As you know, the more you practice your words and their usage, the more natural it will become for you to employ them in regular conversation.

Play to Learn

Last but not least, if you want to take a less-serious, but just as effective approach to vocabulary building, then you can play to learn. Nowadays, there are a myriad different games and apps designed to assist you in your journey to expanding your vocabulary in an entertaining way. For example, playing a game of Scrabble with your friends and family, or completing a crossword puzzle can put you into contact with words and concepts that you may not know already, which will help you increase your word pool.

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