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Backpacks are where students carry every item they need to succeed academically. A disorganized backpack, however, can actually interfere with your child's learning process, since they won't find what they need when they need it. To help your child keep an organized backpack during the next school year, follow the tips below.

How to Help Your Child Organize Their Backpack for the Next School Year

Opt for the Best Backpack for Them

The backpack your child has throughout their school year can make a difference to their organization, their health, and the outcome of their studies, which is why you need to choose the best one for them. To that end, search for a backpack that will appeal to them, and that is sturdy and big enough to carry their belongings around. Likewise, make sure it's ergonomic, so it won't cause strains on their backs (it's recommended to choose ones with two straps or with wheels).

Get the School Supplies Ready

Your child won't just need a backpack to succeed academically, they need certain school supplies as well. As the return to school is approaching, start searching for and acquiring what they'll need. Go through the supplies they already have and make a list of what you should purchase (everything from notebooks to folders, books, rulers, erasers, pens, pencils, and more). Have all of these ready so your child can begin packing their bag, and be completely prepared for back to school.

Think About the Next Day

If you don't want your child to carry around a heavy book they won't need, help them create a habit of packing their bag each night before school. Ask them about the subjects they'll be going over the next day, pack the bag accordingly, and take out the things they won't use. This will help them avoid unnecessary stress on their backs, as well as keep a tidier backpack. Remind them to always take their homework with them so that they can deliver it on its due date. If your child requires assistance to master their school subjects and have a successful new school year, contact The Tutoring Center, Lawrenceville GA at (770) 545 8105. They'll work closely with your child and help them achieve their goals with tutoring classes in Lawrenceville GA. 

Create a System

If you don't want your child to waste any time when searching for their belongings in their backpack, create a system with them that will keep their things organized. For example, have them organize their notebooks, folders, and books by size. If they want, they can also arrange them depending on the subject or the time they'll be needing them. Of course, the trick here is not only creating the system but sticking to it and putting everything back where it should go.

Keep Pencils and Pens Together

It's no secret that your child will require pens, pencils, sharpeners, erasers, highlighters, and other smaller items for school. However, it can be difficult to get a hold of them if they're lost somewhere in the bottom of the backpack. Provide a small pouch or pencil case for your child to store all of these items. This way, they won't be misplaced, and they'll be readily available whenever they're required. Once more, it is important that they put them back when they're done using them.

Put Their Name on the Backpack

A lost backpack can be a source of despair for you and your child, not only because of the financial aspect, but because with it, your child will lose notes, academic efforts, and more. For that reason, you should tag the backpack, and put their name and grade on it. You can embroid it, write it in pen, place a sticker on it, or use another method, so if the backpack is misplaced, it has a better chance of making it back to your child.

Keep the Backpack Clean

As a final tip, be certain that your child knows to keep their backpack clean. In other words, they should realize that this isn't a place to keep trash, wrinkled papers, food leftovers, and more. This will make their backpacks look and smell disgusting, and can also make finding their school supplies more difficult. Instead, they should remember to keep papers in their folders, to throw the garbage in the can, and to put everything back where it belongs.

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