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Organization can make students' lives more successful and less complicated. To learn how to keep your notebooks organized, read the tips mentioned in this post. 

How to Organize Your Notebooks

According to, an organized student is one that can follow directions better, can assimilate information more effectively, and can develop academic skills more easily. That's why it is essential that you sharpen your organization skills if you want to be a more successful student. To help you in that endeavor, follow the tips below to learn how to keep your notebooks neatly organized.

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Separate Your Subjects Into Different Notebooks

Have you ever tried to study for a test only to have a challenging time finding the right notes to study from? If you have, it's probable that your study session wasn't very successful. To prevent that, have a notebook and folder for each of your school subjects to keep them separated. You must be diligent with this, however, if you want to avoid confusion and frustration the next time you have to study.

Write Your Name, Subject, and Grade on the Notebooks

Notebooks are often a student's main study material. That's why it can be very disheartening to misplace one of them, as with it, you also lose your notes, your academic efforts, and a lot of valuable information. If you don't want this unfortunate situation to present itself to you, be sure to write down your name, the subject, and your grade on the cover of all of your notebooks. This way, you'll increase the chances of the notebook returning to you if you are to misplace it.

Add a Date and Title for Each Lesson

As mentioned above, finding the right lessons to go over is imperative if you want to have effective study sessions. For that reason, you should add a date and title for each of the lessons you take notes of in your notebook. This will help you keep better track of them and find them more easily when the time to study comes around.

Organize the Ideas You Write in Them

Needless to say, the organization of your notebooks won't only depend on how you treat the actual notebooks, but also on what you write in them. That's why you should also keep the ideas you pen in them organized, clear, and concise. To take effective notes, be sure to care for how you structure your sentences and for the notes' legibility since neglecting these can result in messy rambles that are nearly impossible to decipher.

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Keep Your Notebooks as Clean as Possible

Something you may not have considered when thinking about keeping your notebooks organized is their cleanliness. However, it is important, since a dirty notebook can actually strip your attention away from your notes when you should be studying. To have clean notebooks, avoid doodling in the margins or making too many mistakes in them. If doodling helps you focus in the classroom, opt for doing so in the last pages of your notebooks, so the drawings don't interfere with your notes.

Try to Stay Clear of Loose Papers

It's highly likely that at some point or another, you will have to deal with loose sheets of paper (for example, when a teacher hands you the instructions for a big project). And when you do, you should be very careful. Make sure to keep them in your folders, since folding them up and keeping them in your notebooks is a surefire way to lose them. While you're at it, try your best to avoid ripping pages off your notebooks.

Create an Index at the Back of Them

As a final tip, you can make your notebooks much more organized by creating an index for them, which will help you track down your notes easily. To that end, number all of the pages in the notebook. Then, on the back of it, write down which lesson is on which page. It can seem like a time-consuming step, but it can make your study sessions more efficient.

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