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Summer is a great time of year for students, because the weather is usually nice and they are out of school. Don’t let education go ignored this summer though by making it fun. One great subject to explore over the summer is science! Today, The Tutoring Center in Lawrenceville has a few pointers for parents to help keep their children sharp over summer break. For supplemental one-to-one instruction in science, math, reading, or writing, contact us today at (770) 545 8105.


Defined as the study of all living things, biology is a great subject to indulge in this summer. Many neighborhoods have botanical gardens that you can take your kids to and study different plants. Also, the zoo is a great activity to learn more about biology. You can also practice reading with a few animal books before your trip. Then, while at the zoo, have the kids read about each exhibit. On the way home quiz them about what they learned; ask questions about different animal’s habitats or see how many mammals/reptiles they can name. 


Chemistry is one of the most exciting sub-topics of science because of the experiments. There are many experiments however, that are too messy to perform indoors. Take advantage of the weather, and go outside. You can find a number of experiments online that are safe enough to do alone. These experiments are also a great time to teach your kids about science safety; always review the safety procedures before every experiment. 

Remember that summer is a great time of year, but school will be starting again soon. Stay sharp over the summer with fun educational activities and be fully prepared next year. If you’re interested in math, reading, science, or writing help in Lawrenceville this summer, call our experts now for more information.


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