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Is your child one of those students that "hates" math? If they are, read this post by The Tutoring Center, Lawrenceville GA to encourage them to learn math effectively.

How to Encourage Your Student to Do Math Confidently

"Math is boring." "Math is too hard." "I will never have to use any of these math concepts and operations." These are just some of the most common reasons why some students dislike math. However, in more than one case, it's just that the student doesn't feel confident enough to do math on their own. If your child feels this way, here are some tips on how you can help them get over their aversion to math.

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Be a Good Mathematics Role Model

Do you enjoy doing math? If you don't, you shy away from it, or are very negatively vocal about it, guess what? It's probable that your child got their aversion to math from you! You are your child's role model, meaning that they look to you to form their behavior and opinions. If you say math is "difficult" and that you "can't do it," it's likely they'll start thinking the same. So, to encourage your child, you need to encourage yourself. Try to keep a more positive attitude towards math, so they can copy you and be more positive about it as well.

Provide the Necessary Support

Yes, it's true that you should have a positive outlook on math. However, this doesn't mean that learning math is a walk in the park all of the time. It can be challenging from time to time. If you notice your child is a little bit discouraged by this, then you should provide the necessary support so they can keep going. This can be anything, from answering doubts they have, to providing words of encouragement, and even checking their work. If you have your child's back, they'll probably feel more confident in their own abilities.

Enroll Them in Tutoring in Lawrenceville GA

Another way you can show your child support regarding their math endeavors, is to enroll them in one-to-one math tutoring sessions in Lawrenceville GA. There, your child will find an expert tutor who will give them the time, attention, and guidance they require to master that and any other school subject. More so than that, they will be in a safe and positive environment, where they can speak their mind and ask any lingering question that could be preventing them from learning math successfully. When they master math, they won't feel that aversion to it.

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Ensure They Get Enough Math Practice

You should provide your child with enough practice opportunities, so they can practice math as much as possible. As you may be aware, practice makes perfect. This means that the more your child practices, the better they'll become at it. What will happen, is that your child will feel empowered by math, and will likely feel more eager to keep learning it. To help them practice more, search for worksheets online that they can complete at home. You could even work out a rewards system to encourage them to do the sheets correctly.

Use Math in Everyday Life

To some students, math is absolutely useless, which is why they don't see a point in making an effort to learn it effectively. If you notice that your child may be thinking this way, you should help them realize that math is all around them, and that learning it will give them a real advantage in the world. To that end, use math in your day-to-day life. For instance, when going to the supermarket, ask them to add the bill. When making a meal, tell them to measure each ingredients. If they see math has a real use, they may feel more inclined to learn it.

Play to Learn

Lastly, if your child doesn't enjoy doing and practicing math because they find it boring or intimidating, then playing games related to math may make them more interested in it. Your child is very fortunate since nowadays, there are a slew of toys, online games, and apps that are designed with the purpose of helping children learn math. Provide a few of these to your child, so they can play, have fun, and develop their math skills while they're at it.

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