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Summer break is fast approaching. If you'd like your child to spend it learning, here are some reasons why you should enroll them in summer tutoring sessions.

Why You Should Enroll Your Child in Summer Tutoring

Summer vacation is just around the corner! While your child may view it as an opportunity to completely forget about their academics, you may want to consider enrolling them in summer tutoring sessions. To learn a few reasons why that is a good idea, continue reading.

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It Prevents Summer Learning Loss

An unfortunate phenomenon occurs the moment the last school bell rings to let students out into their summer break: they begin forgetting important skills and information they learned during the year. Said phenomenon is known as summer learning loss, and it happens because, during the break, students aren't reinforcing the knowledge/skills they've acquired. Oxford Learning estimates that students lose the equivalent of one month's worth of overall learning after the break. What's worse is that come the new school year, they won't be able to successfully learn new lessons because they won't have the necessary base to build them on. Fortunately, summer tutoring can prevent this occurrence, since students will be able to continue their education during the break. Through one-to-one instruction, they'll be more ready than ever to face whatever new challenges the next school term has for them.

It Keeps Their Minds Busy

To students, summer vacation means it's time to let go of math and history, and focus on video games and TV. And while it's completely fine to allow them to relax and rest their minds after they've worked hard in school, letting them rest too much can be detrimental to them. As you know, the brain requires challenges and exercise to strengthen (especially when it comes to younger students who are still developing), and most of the time, sitting around watching cartoons won't provide the stimuli they need for it. Summer tutoring will give them a chance to keep sharpening their minds, as well as will ensure they have something to do, so they don't spend all of their time in the house.

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It Aids in Their Learning Process

If your child has a challenging time keeping up with their school subjects (and even if they don't), summer tutoring can provide the academic support they require to learn effectively. This is because enrolling them in one-to-one tutoring during their summer vacation will guarantee they'll have the time and attention from a dedicated tutor. Plus, the comfortable and safe environment will give them the confidence they need to ask any lingering doubts that may be hindering their understanding of their school subjects,  share their opinions, and voice their concerns. As you can imagine, this won't only lead to better grades, but a more successful and well-rounded learning experience overall.

It Gives Them a Confidence Boost

One of the biggest benefits summer tutoring can offer students isn't an academic one, but one that is related to their personal growth: it can give them a confidence boost. When you think about it, it seems logical; everybody feels good whenever they accomplish something. As your child's understanding of their school subjects improves, they'll realize they are knowledgeable and able. This will probably make them more eager to continue learning and working. Hopefully, this confidence boost can later affect other areas of their lives and give them the reassurance they require to accomplish even more goals.

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It Imparts a Lesson in Hard Work

Last but not least, summer tutoring can also impart lessons for life outside of the classroom. For instance, it can teach your child about the importance of hard work in order to achieve goals. From now on and for the rest of their lives (hopefully), they'll understand that to get the results they want out of a process, they need to dedicate serious time, effort, and brain power. The harder and smarter they work, the better results they'll get. Summer tutoring and the improvements they'll see because of it may also help them realize that all of the effort they put in has its reward.

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