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As a young student, multiplying may seem like a complicated and overwhelming skill that you need to learn in school. However, if you have a child at home, there are ways in which you can make multiplying easier for them, so they feel more motivated to learn how to do it and master it effectively. If you'd like to know what some of these are so you can make multiplying simpler and more accessible to your child, continue reading the post below.

How to Teach Your Child to Multiply with Expert Tutoring near Duluth

Help Your Child Get a Clearer Grasp on Multiplications

It can be hard for anyone to learn anything if they don't see a purpose to it. That's why it's important that you first teach your child about what multiplying is, the situations in which it can be used, and more. For instance, teaching them that it's basically just adding a number to itself a specific amount of times (like how 3*2 = 6 because  3 + 3 = 6), can help them understand the logic behind multiplying.

Teach Them About Pairs in Multiplications

Your child may feel overwhelmed about the amount of multiplication tables they need to memorized. However, an easy tip to help them in this respect is to teach them about how multiplications come in pairs. This basically means that, while 4 * 3 = 12, 3 * 4 also equals 12. This will cut their time tables learning process in half.

Ensure They Practice Until They Master It

As they say, "practice makes perfect". If you want your child to learn to multiply, you should provide enough opportunities for them to practice this valuable skill. For that reason, you should search for practice sheets online and give them to them. You can even set a reward system so they feel committed to completing the exercises correctly.

Make Use of Certain Mnemonic Devices

Memory plays a big part in ensuring that your child will learn how to multiply. That's why it's important to help them assimilate the information and retain the time tables better. If your child requires a bit of a boost with this, you can always make use of mnemotechnics. For example, there are quite a few songs and rhymes about multipying and time tables that can be helpful to your child.

Suit Your Child’s Learning Style as Best as Possible

Learning is a process and each person goes about it in a different way. This is because everybody has different strengths, which is why you should understand and cater to your child's learning style. If your child, for instance, is a kinesthetic learner who uses their hands to assimilate information, using their fingers to learn to multiply may be best for them. For some help on how you can adapt your child's habits to their style, call (770) 545 8105 to contact The Tutoring Center Lawrenceville.

Use These Tips to Make Multiplying Easier

There some tips and tricks that your child can put to good use to make multiplying as simple as possible.
  1. To multiply by 1, your child should just write the same number as their answer. 1 * 6 = 6.
  2. Using the table of 2 is just adding one number to itself one time. 7 * 7 = 14, since 7 + 7 = 14.
  3. If your child wants to multiply by 5, they should remember that all answers end in 5 or 0. They can also refer to the clock for answers.
  4. Multiplying by 10 is not hard either. They should only add a 0 next to the number they're multiplying. 8 * 10 = 80.
  5. Lastly, if they need to multiply a single digit by 11, they just need to repeat the number. 7 * 11 = 77.

Don't Move Too Fast

If you want your child to develop this skill, you should be patient and ensure they know how to multiply single digits first before moving forward to more complex equations. Making them multiply bigger numbers when they aren't sure of the simpler multiplications can discourage them to keep trying.

Trust in Personalized Tutoring in Duluth

A great way to be certain that your child will master this and other math skills, is to enroll them in tutoring near Duluth. There, they'll get the attention, methods, and time they require to learn successfully and clear any lingering doubts on the subject.

If Your Child Could Benefit from Expert Tutoring near Duluth...

Remember that if your child wants a bit of assistance to reach their academic potential and achieve their goals, they can turn to The Tutoring Center in Lawrenceville. Their experts will be the helping hand your child requires to learn a wide variety of academic skills, such as multiplying, reading, among many others. Please, contact them at (770) 545 8105 if you'd like more information on how they can assist your child become a better learner with personalized tutoring near Duluth, or to schedule a free diagnostic assessment.


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