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Students are often overwhelmed by finals. Still, there are ways to make finals week more manageable, and this post by The Tutoring Center Lawrenceville GA can tell you how. 

How to Prepare for Finals

Summer is just around the corner, which means two main things for students: summer vacation is close, and finals are even closer. While finals can be a stressful time for any student, there are ways to make them much more manageable. If you don't feel like suffering through final exams this school term, here are a few ways to survive them.

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Be Mindful of How You Eat and Sleep

Have you ever been successful at studying or learning anything new when you're extremely tired or hungry? You probably answered "no," and with good reason: a study published in 2015 by Harvard Health Publications explained that sleep deprivation could lead to poor memory, which is crucial to study. This basically means that, if you want to do well on your finals, you will need to pick up a healthy sleeping and eating routine. Resting and fueling your brain and body correctly will ensure that they'll both be at the top of their game when you most need them (like during a stressful week filled with examinations).

Organize Your Time

If you want to be able to sleep and eat well during finals, at the same time as you keep track of and complete all of the assignments and studying you have to do, you will need to organize your time. To do so, you can create a schedule. In it, list the things you have to do (such as study, do homework, meet your study group, among others), and then prioritize said activities (for instance, make studying for a challenging subject your priority). Once you do that, you can designate a date and time frame to work on each thing. Finally, and most importantly of all, stick to your schedule to be successful.

Find Effective Study Methods

It should go without saying that the way in which you study can have a real impact on how well you do on your tests. That's why, if you want to do your best, you must find the best way to prepare for your finals. And contrary to what you may believe, trying to memorize all of your lessons the night before a test isn't it. A few tips to study effectively:
  • Study days in advance
  • Try to understand the material you're studying
  • Enroll in tutoring
  • Employ mnemonic devices
  • Adapt to your learning style
  • Review your notes
  • Practice

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Try to Relax

You're surely thinking: "I'm in finals! I have no time or disposition to relax". However, as much as you think it is a waste of time, being exhausted and stressed out won't help you succeed academically, either. For starters, studying for extended periods of time can tire your brain out, so be sure to give it a 5-minute breather every so often, so it can continue learning. Additionally, you should engage in a few activities to calm your nerves. Sometimes, simply playing with your pet or thinking positive thoughts about your finals can give you the boost you need to keep going.

Engage in Physical Activities

Since we're on the subject of getting your nose out of the books for awhile, you should find some time to engage in physical activities during your finals. Running for 30 minutes or doing yoga can be just what you need to get you through the week. This is because working out helps oxygenate your brain, which is essential if you want to assimilate information effectively. Likewise, it gives you an opportunity to stand up and move, which can be rare when you're studying. Finally, doing so will allow you to gain perspective, channel your nervous energy, and relax.

Don't Lose Focus!

While it is recommended that you take breaks and that you work out while you're in finals, you shouldn't take this to mean that you can party with your friends all night long. Since the school term is coming to an end, there's probably quite a few gatherings and celebrations going on. Still, remember that you need to do your best, so focus on studying for now (this also includes staying away from social media). After that, you can have all of the fun you want without a worry.

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