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Being a good writer can bring with it a myriad benefits. One of the most important is that you'll be able to communicate with the world successfully and share your ideas, feelings, opinions, and more. However, for that to happen, you need to master your writing skills. For some tips on this...
As a young student, multiplying may seem like a complicated and overwhelming skill that you need to learn in school. However, if you have a child at home, there are ways in which you can make multiplying easier for them, so they feel more motivated to learn how to do it and master it effectively....
If you���re a student, it’s highly probable that you want to do well in school. After all, this can open a lot of doors for you: in your professional life, in your academic life, and even in your personal life. Nonetheless, it’s no secret that to become a successful student, you need to make an...
Sometimes, your body may be present, while your mind is wandering somewhere else. If you're a student and you're easily distracted in class, you know that this can keep you from learning effectively. To help you in this respect, the following post will share a few tips so you can increase your...
While math may be one of the most dreaded school subjects for some students, it is one of the most useful. Not only does it teaches you to do simple math operations, but it also allows you to practice your logic and systematic thinking. Still, math is not without its challenges. That's why, if...
While studying, reading, writing, doing homework, and engaging in other learning activities are great to help your child develop certain skills, these aren't the only ways to keep their mind sharp and awake. On the contrary, certain games allow them to work on different areas that can help them...

Individual Versus Group Instruction

The traditional classroom setup--one teacher providing instruction to a class of 25 or so students--is based more on practicality and efficiency than a desire to maximize the learning potential of students.  Over the years, more investigation into the subject...

How to Increase Attention Span

Nowadays our senses are bombarded from all directions by the constant information being thrown at us, and no one is truly immune. From the ubiquitous and relentless marketing campaigns that are part of our daily lives, to the always-on forms of digital...

What are the Different Learning Styles?

According to Neil Fleming's VAK model, there are three distinct learning styles attributable to today's students.  They are:
  1. Visual
  2. Auditory
  3. Kinesthetic
It can be important for a student to properly identify his or her learning style, in order to...
As you know, being organized and managing your time effectively is a great way to help ensure your success in school. For instance, if you want to start this new school term the right way, you may want to start creating and following a schedule that will allow you to keep track of your...


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