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 Here at The Tutoring Center in Lawrenceville, GA, our one-to-one instruction is designed to keep distractions to a minimum while your child is being tutored. But, with the many distractions in school and at home, it isn't easy for your child to focus on a task for any length of time. Focus...
There are thousands of online learning games for kids nowadays and, here at The Tutoring Center in Lawrenceville, GA, we recognize the value in them. But nothing can take the place of one on one, personal tutoring. Whether it is a teacher, parent, older sibling or grandparent, children get a...
If you’ve recently learned that your child has a learning disability, you are entering a new role as a parent, and you will discover that it can be challenging to help keep your child with a learning disability, motivated and attentive. The Tutoring Center in Lawrenceville would like to help make...
Instilling in your children the joy of reading may seem like a difficult task. Nowadays, literacy isn’t a compelling activity compared to spending their time on their cellphones or checking their social networks. However, becoming an enthusiastic reader has many advantages, especially in the...
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