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Instilling in your children the joy of reading may seem like a difficult task. Nowadays, literacy isn’t a compelling activity compared to spending their time on their cellphones or checking their social networks. However, becoming an enthusiastic reader has many advantages, especially in the classroom where this skill is highly necessary. For this reason at The Tutoring Center in Lawrenceville, we would like to share a few ideas to engage your children in reading.

Make it Fun!

Your children will only read stories that are attractive and interesting, so for now you should forget about the classics and find books that suit their age and interests. Graphic novels and comics are a great way to introduce basic concepts like plot, character or dialogue. Don’t forget to visit your local library and help your children choose their books. 

Lead by Example

You have a big influence on your children and they will tend to mimic your behaviors; use this to encourage them to grab a book. Try to create a reading hour after your children are done with their daily activities, when you and your family can enjoy a book and share time together. Also, this will help to set the right mind frame for a good night’s sleep. 

Create a Reading Environment

You can’t expect that your children become readers without any books in your home. Have reading material at reachable places, so it triggers the curiosity of your children. Don’t forget to create a reading nook in your home, and provide it with a lamp and a comfortable chair.

These are just a few ideas that you should remember to stimulate your children’s literacy; keep in mind that you should never push them to read and watch them to find out whether they struggle to understand a text.  

At The Tutoring Center, we are always glad to help your children overcome their academic struggle areas. Our tutors follow our exclusive programs to strengthen the skills and abilities our students need. Think about us next time you are looking for tutoring in Lawrenceville.

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