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Does Your Child Need Glasses?

As a parent, you know that your child's health is a priority, and that it is crucial in order for them to succeed in different areas of their life. For this reason, you should pay special attention to certain signs that may indicate that your child has some sort of medical condition. For instance, a debilitated eye sight can take its toll on your child's academic efforts, which is why you should follow the tips below to assess if your child needs corrective glasses. Just keep in mind that you should still take them to a professional so you can get a more thorough evaluation.
  • Squinting is a common habit that those with a poor sight engage in in order to focus their eyes on what's in front of them. If your child does this often, they may need glasses.
  • Tired eyes that are a little bit too sensitive, watery or red, can also be a sign of a sight problem. This is because your child's eyes have to work extra hard and strain themselves when trying to see correctly.
  • Speaking of strained eyes, other symptoms of a weak vision are frequent migraines or strong headaches. Again, this is because your child's eyes have to put a lot of effort to correct their sight.
  • Finally, if your child has some unusual habits, such as covering one eye when reading, or sitting too close to the TV, it may be because they need a bit of help to see clearly.

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