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According to a 2005 AP/AOL poll, nearly half of Americans aren't fond of math. While there is a myriad of reasons why that is, we should know that there are some students out there who find math so intimidating that they develop an anxiety around it. If you're currently struggling with math anxiety, this post will share some advice on how you can control it.

How to Control Your Math Anxiety

Practice Healthy Habits

When you're tired or malnourished, you can't think straight, and you may not be able to control your emotions effectively. For that reason, the first step in dealing with your math anxiety is practicing healthy habits, like eating properly and resting enough, so you feel more capable of working on your math problems.

Make an Effort as a Student

To do well in school and in your math assignments, you need to make a real effort to be a good student. To that end, it's imperative that you take good notes in class, pay attention to your teachers, and do all of your assignments. This will help you learn better and improve your grades.

Seek for More Ways to Practice

Use math in real life, search for worksheets on the Internet or ask your teacher for other math assignments you can do. The bottom line is that you should practice more. When you do, you will see an improvement, which can help you feel less intimidated by math.

Focus on Studying Effectively

If you're a student who just studies all of their math lessons the night before a test, you should realize that this may be contributing to your math anxiety. Study effectively so that you are more prepared for your tests (for instance, consider your learning style and review your math notes every day).

Think Mathematically

Math isn't random or messy. On the contrary, it abides by a very clear set of rules. This is good news for you because it means that if you truly think mathematically, and understand the reasoning behind the formulas and concepts you learn, you'll be much more successful when working on math problems.

Learn Better with One-on-One Tutoring

Tutoring can empower you to learn effectively and become a better student. That's why, if you feel that you could benefit from one-on-one classes in which a tutor provides the time and attention you need to have an effective math learning experience, you should give it a try so you can do math confidently. If you would like to try one-on-one tutoring in Lawrenceville GA, turn to The Tutoring Center, Lawrenceville GA. They have expert tutors and academic programs that will help you answer any lingering doubts you may have so that you can develop your math skills. Call (770) 545 8105 to request a free diagnostic assessment.

Employ Different Relaxation Techniques

The more you think about how difficult math is, the more anxious you'll feel about it. For that reason, you should focus your mind and your energy on relaxing activities that can help you stay calm. Take your pet for a walk or do yoga, all so you can conquer your feelings.

Talk to Friends, Peers, and Relatives

You don't know how much others can help you with your problems until you reach out to them. That's why you should make an effort to talk to friends, peers, relatives, and even your teacher regarding your math anxiety. They can help you see why you feel this way, and how you can deal with your emotions.

Stay Positive

The more you think that a subject is too difficult or boring, the less successful you'll be when trying to work on it. You should be careful of how you think of math and of your ability to do it. Instead of deeming it "difficult," focus on positive thoughts, such as "I can do it."

Don't Give Up

If you're expecting to know math and overcome your anxiety overnight, it won't happen that way. Moreover, it's likely that you will find setbacks during the process. The important thing to remember, however, is that you shouldn't give up. If you keep trying, you'll make it sooner or later.

Get Professional Help

If you notice that your math anxiety is getting in the way of your goals or your everyday life, it may be time to visit a psychologist or another mental health professional who can guide you through your journey to being more in control of your feelings and thoughts.

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