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We all expect to encounter multiple lectures and tutorials during our educational path and know that note taking is something that we will be doing… a lot.  So why not hone that skill, and make the most of your time and notes. In this post, The Tutoring Center in Lawrenceville has two ideas on getting the most of your lectures and tutorials.

Go in prepared

When it comes to your educational path, preparation is key - and note taking is no exception. Prior to a lecture or tutorial, take some time to think about what some common themes the key points may follow. For example; if you are preparing for a history based lecture you can expect to take note of a lot of dates. Give some thought to a format that you can follow throughout the entire lecture for all dates mentioned. Getting into a rhythm of format can drastically speed up your ability to take important and correct notes.

Strength in numbers

Before your next lecture, arrange a small group of classmates and create a note taking group. Alongside taking their own general notes, assign each person a specific theme of note to focus on. While taking their own notes, for example, one person could pay particular attention to statistics while another person listens more carefully each time a date is mentioned. When the lecture is finished, collaborate with your classmates and share your notes. Not only can this help ensure that your notes are accurate, but great for homework help in general and it provides you with the different views on the lecture.

Take it to the next level.  

Try utilizing an online service that allows you and your classmates to share your notes, wherever you are. Having accurate and updated notes in your pocket gives you the opportunity to study anywhere you may be.

Taking quality notes is important to knowledge retention, and collaboration gives you the opportunity to expand on your own notes.  If making the most out of your lectures and tutorials is something that interests you, call us today at (770) 545-8105 for more information. Our experts can provide reading, writing, and math help through one-to-one instruction or private tutoring in Lawrenceville.


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