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It goes without saying that tests are one of the most stressful experiences that a student has to endure. However, you need to do well on them to keep your grade up and to prove that you’ve learned what was being taught. Still, if you get a case of test anxiety, know that there are a few test taking strategies that you should keep in mind to make the experience a lot smoother.

How to Take a Test Effectively

  1. Always, always start by putting your name on the test. This is a surprisingly common mistake that students make and that may result in their test being misplaced.
  2. Read your whole test carefully. Make sure that you understand what’s being asked of you. If something isn’t completely clear, ask your teacher about it before you start working on the test.
  3. Obviously, you want your teacher to be able to understand your answers, so make it a point to write comprehensible sentences in your best penmanship, and to answer each question as instructed.
  4. If you have a lot of questions to get through, start by working on the easiest ones. This way you’ll be able to get them out of the way and you won’t miss those points. Just remember to mark the ones you’re skipping so you can return to them later.
  5. If you’re having a hard time, cheating can be tempting. However, know that it will only diminish your learning experience. Plus, the consequences of getting caught can be far worse than your original grade, so don’t cheat.
  6. Lastly, review everything in your test once more. Go through the questions, your answers, check the back of the paper, and make sure you answered each question before handing in your test.

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