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Test are one way to assess the knowledge and abilities of students, however they can also represent an enormous amount of anxiety that can become overwhelming, and lead to a poor performance. This is a common struggle among students and it can have many explications, as previous bad experiences or lack of confidence can set the wrong mindset. For this reason at The Tutoring Center in Lawrenceville, we created the following post containing useful advice on this topic. 


If your children fear of performing poorly during the test and not being able to  fulfill their expectations, this can affect negatively their confidence. However, working hard and getting ready for the exam is the best answer for this situation. Create a study schedule and your children should stick to it, remember to add time for breaks and rewards to maintain their focus and motivation.


Having a healthy diet will provide your children with the energy and nutrients they need to do well in school and other activities. Also, it’s no secret that having enough rest can help boosting your children’s learning and other cognitive skills, so don’t neglect this apparently unimportant detail; for further information on this topic, be sure to read this previous post


Your children’s hard work can be ruined during the exam, as they may get nervous. However there are many relaxation techniques that can help them staying calm. Don’t forget that they should also learn to allocate their time during the test and keep a positive attitude. 

Test anxiety is a struggle that most students experience in their lives, and remember that it can reflect on certain behaviors like procrastination, low expectations and physical and emotional symptoms. However, these simple ideas are the first step towards dealing with this struggle. 

Effective study habits can help your children regaining their confidence, and if you are looking for tutoring in Lawrenceville, you can trust The Tutoring Center. Our academic programs are designed to provide our students with the skills and abilities to overcome their struggle areas. Call (404) 751-7422 to schedule a free evaluation.


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