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Individual Versus Group Instruction

The traditional classroom setup--one teacher providing instruction to a class of 25 or so students--is based more on practicality and efficiency than a desire to maximize the learning potential of students.  Over the years, more investigation into the subject has resulted in many researchers concluding that individualized, or one-to-one instruction, has a number of benefits over the traditional classroom setting.  Here at the Tutoring Center in Lawrenceville, we'd like to share with you a little bit more about why individualized instruction can be so beneficial to your child.

Benefits of Individual Instruction

Giving your child access to individual instruction, like after school tutoring in Lawrenceville, for example, confers upon them many benefits.  Individualized instruction brings with it the methodology of instruction in which materials, content, and pace of learning are based upon the abilities and interests of each individual learner.  This is important because teaching is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor.  Each student brings to the classroom his or her own learning style, and a teacher in charge of a large group simply lacks the time and/or resources to accommodate each student's needs.  Whether your child is a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner, through individualized instruction we can better tap into their natural abilities by providing them with the instruction style that corresponds directly to their natural learning preferences.

Tutoring in Lawrenceville, GA

Here at the Tutoring Center, our after school tutoring programs are based on the individualized teaching methodology described above.  First, we offer a Free Diagnostic Assessment to all potential students.  Based on the results of the assessment, we customize a tutoring plan that specifically addresses the individual needs of your child.  Through one-to-one instruction, we work diligently to make sure your child succeeds in school.  Call us today at (770) 545-8105 to schedule your child's free assessment and get him or her on the path to academic achievement.


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