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What are the Different Learning Styles?

According to Neil Fleming's VAK model, there are three distinct learning styles attributable to today's students.  They are:
  1. Visual
  2. Auditory
  3. Kinesthetic
It can be important for a student to properly identify his or her learning style, in order to employ the best tactics for understanding and retaining what they are taught.  It is also important that teachers understand the different learning styles of their students, so that they can create harmony between such styles and their teaching methods.

Identify Your Learning Style

Visual- a preference for seeing material in order to learn it.  The visual learner can instinctively follow directions, easily visualize objects, and is usually very organized. Auditory- student has to hear information to absorb it.  The auditory learner picks up on subtleties in tone, can immediately retain the majority of information from a lecture, does well on oral exams, and is a good story teller. Kinesthetic- student tends to want to move or physically participate while learning.  The kinesthetic learner displays great hand-eye coordination, is an excellent experimenter, and generally has a lot of energy.

Tutoring in Lawrenceville

If you are curious what type of learning style your child identifies with, here at the Tutoring Center we can help you figure it out with our Free Diagnostic Assessment.  The assessment will give us a great idea of exactly what type of teaching styles your child will best respond to.  From there we tailor our one-to-one instruction specifically to their needs.  Call us today at 770 545 8105 to schedule the assessment and get your child on the path to academic success!


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